600 North Broad Street Mixed Use Complex

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  • Varenhorst was the managing architect at 600 North Broad Street in Philadelphia in which approximately 47,000 square feet of space were renovated in a predominantly one-story building.  The building, which was formerly the Wilkie Buick Dealership, was renovated to feature several high-profile restaurants including spaces and an event-hosting company.  A new, 8000 square foot landscaped courtyard was sculpted into the core of the block with an entry from Mount Vernon Street.  The courtyard is overlooked by renovated loft apartments in the 7-story Biberman Building - also designed by Varenhorst - which forms the westernmost portion of the block.

    1. Client PMC Property Group
    2. Location Philadelphia, PA
    3. Cost Undisclosed
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Masterplanning
    6. Type Mixed Use
    7. Restaurant & Hospitality
    8. Tags Renovation