Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Pier 11 (Competition Entry)

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  • Following a call for entries to design an adaptive re-use for the existing, but partly collapsed, Pier 11 on the Delaware River, Varenhorst proposed a permanent, open-air frame over 300 feet long and 80 feet high to be erected at the site.  Marking the Race Street intersection, we conceived the frame as a flexible, multi-function space that would become home to a number of public activities and functions that change and blend through time.  Provisions were made onsite for an open air market and park, recreational area and observation point at the water’s edge, concert venue with lighting and projection gantry, water taxi dock, and renewable energy generation facility.

    1. Client Delaware River Waterfront Corporation
    2. Location Delaware Waterfront, Philadelphia, PA
    3. Cost $2.63 Million est.
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Masterplanning
    6. Landscape
    7. Type Urban District
    8. Tags Waterfront