Ragavan Residence

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  • Varenhorst designed a major renovation of this existing building, transforming its dark and dated interiors into a bright, modern home that connects to its landscape.  Our client sought an open floor plan with more natural light and views.  We created the desired spaces by puncturing partition walls with wide openings between rooms and adding walls of windows, glass doors, and clerestories. By working to equalize an array of undulating floor heights, recapturing abandoned space to create angled ceilings, and incorporating dramatic materials, we added visual interest and sophistication.  Contemporary furnishings are accented by colorful walls and artifacts collected from our client’s extensive world travels.

    This project was awarded Builder/Custom Home’s Watermark Grand Award - 2007: Best Kitchen in a single-family, detached, remodeled home.

    1. Client Dr. Vanaja Ragavan
    2. Location Bryn Mawr, PA
    3. Cost Undisclosed
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Interior Design
    6. Type Private Residences
    7. Tags Renovation