Science Leadership Academy

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  • The Science Leadership Academy is a public science high school for 400 students operated in partnership with the Franklin Institute. The School District of Philadelphia leased the 70,000 square foot space after Varenhorst’s design unified three existing buildings with complicated floor plans and other remaining tenants.  We utilized a new unifying corridor to tie the components of the school from building to building and vertical circulation cores to one another.  Typically a disadvantage, the deep floor plates and 19 foot column spacing were capitalized upon to create generous corridors and large classrooms.  Our innovative approach allowed the high school to be designed and constructed in less than a year.

    1. Client PMCProperty Group
    2. Location Logan Circle, Philadelphia, PA
    3. Cost $5 million
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Interior Design
    6. Masterplanning
    7. Type Institutional
    8. Tags High School
    9. Renovation