Seaview Resort Outdoor Patios

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  • The owners of Seaview Resort asked Varenhorst to design a 25,000 square foot landscaped area for outdoor weddings, events and other resort-related parties.  Our design concept for the outdoor facility is a series of outdoor rooms in which event sub-functions can occur simultaneously, either as a collective group or in some isolation from each other using carefully placed trees, shrub and flower borders, lawn areas, stepped and ramped pathways, gently curving walls, and a fountain.  The result is a series of beautiful vignettes for the occupants, while still allowing easy accommodation of the resort staff’s needs.  The back-of-house building is wrapped in a vine-draped pergola and an outdoor bar is available for all events.  Above all, our design ensures year-round beauty and interest with plantings, comfortable walking areas, seating areas, and lighting that look good no matter the setting.

    1. Client Stockton College
    2. Location Galloway Township, NJ
    3. Cost $700,000
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Landscape
    6. Type Restaurant & Hospitality
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