Sultan Residence

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  • The Sultans came to Varenhorst with a design challenge: their house’s original Durham-designed kitchen and their need for an fresh, open space that draws inspiration from the atmosphere and feeling of a French Bistro experience. With a series of small, yet impactful, design components, the modern kitchen, butler’s pantry, and breakfast area now serve the needs of this Main Line family.  Connected to the kitchen, our design consolidated two smaller rooms into a more generous family space and the expanded space is now edged in a wall of glass accessing an expansive terrace with lawn and pool below.

    1. Client Mr. Eric and Ms. Helena Sultan
    2. Location Bryn Mawr, PA
    3. Cost Undisclosed
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Interior Design
    6. Landscape
    7. Type Private Residences
    8. Tags Addition
    9. Renovation