Tate Residence

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  • Varenhorst transformed an open porch connecting the family room and garage into a new, light-filled space.  We incorporated details such as exposed wood trusses and beams that meshed seamlessly with the existing portions of the building. The original family room was converted into the new kitchen and breakfast room, its former space now an elegant entryway.  The entire approach to the house has been transformed into a brick-paved, tree-lined plaza. Varenhorst completed the architectural design with full interior design services including lighting design, furniture selections, and finish specifications.

    1. Client Mr. Joseph and Ms. Detta Tate
    2. Location Bryn Mawr, PA
    3. Cost Undisclosed
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Interior Design
    6. Landscape
    7. Type Private Residences
    8. Tags Addition
    9. Renovation