Venice One, Venice Island

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  • Varenhorst completed the design of a new four-building, environmentally-sensitive condominium complex on Venice Island along the Schuylkill River to revitalize an abandoned industrial site in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. The structure’s design incorporates a variegated perimeter, affording expansive views to residents while maximizing buildable area. There are 280 one- and two-bedroom units planned for the approximately 350,000 square foot project.  Adding to the design challenges in this extensive project is the complexity of multifamily residential construction on a flood plain.  Varenhorst worked closely with hydrological engineers to devise a safe and innovative approach that led to a modified house-on-sticks design.

    This project was awarded the PA Society of American Registered Architects Merit Award 2007.

    1. Client PMCProperty Group and Lubert-Adler Partners, L.P.
    2. Location Venice Island, Manayunk Philadelphia, PA
    3. Cost $75 million (est.)
    4. Services Architecture
    5. Strategic Planning / Feasibility Study
    6. Masterplanning
    7. Landscape
    8. Type Multifamily Residential
    9. Urban District
    10. Tags Waterfront