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Architectural design is our passion. Varenhorst does not promote a single look or style but molds each design to fit the needs and desires of our clients, monitoring costs throughout. Our approach is highly personalized to you.

One of our most important roles is to help you navigate through the complexity of a construction project. Design is exciting and illuminating; we want you to enjoy the process with us. Regardless of whether we are seeking LEED certification or not, we routinely deploy energy-saving and environmentally sustainable means and methods in our projects. Tailored to your needs, we offer distinct, but overlapping, services:

Pre-design and Due Diligence: The first step we take is a thorough examination of the fundamental desires and needs of our client, the site conditions, and the requirements for code and other regulatory compliance. We consider the opportunities and constraints that each of these tasks presents.

Programming, Planning, and Conceptual design: During programming, we list the parts and pieces of the building that meet your needs and align that with financial expectations. Planning is then the process by which we lay out the possible configurations of spaces and divisions to optimize adjacencies, flow, views, building capacity, and size. From this, we invent the core concepts.

Schematic Design and Design Development: In most cases, our efforts share two simultaneous focuses. At this stage, we begin to coordinate the technical aspects of the project from consultant input with other design information. Additionally, we evolve the core concepts and breathe creative life into them in a series of alternate schemes. These are reviewed, and the preferred is honed toward what will become the final product.

Construction Documentation and Construction Services: This portion of the project delivery prepares the necessary drawings and specifications, selects materials and systems, and coordinates the project consultant team’s work. Varenhorst can assist in obtaining permits and selecting a contractor, as well as perform administrative services throughout the construction process.

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