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Interior Design

Most of Varenhorst's architectural projects inherently involve some aspect of interior design, but often our clients ask us to make the interior environment a focus of our service.

Interior design is the coordination of interior space or spaces into an elegant expression of the client’s hopes and aspirations for how that interior should look, feel, and function. The disposition of light, materials, furniture and objects, and the emotions and comfort that the occupants feel, are all interconnected. We take pleasure in devising those dynamic relationships. As an integrated mentality with all projects, we are always seeking sustainable solutions that are environmentally friendly and that reduce operating costs.

The following is summary of our considerations:

- Lighting design
- Materials selection through presentation of samples
- Sensitivity to touch, ease of use, beauty, and appearance
- Acoustical comfort and performance
- Furniture design and/or selection
- Fixture design and/or selection
- Comfort and healthy air quality
- Art selection and sourcing
- Sustainable materials and systems

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