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A good masterplan is a clear idea derived from a complex set of components. It is both technical and creative. It has important consequences for the urban environment or wider community. Some of our clients need to place their building project in an urban context, and some want to develop a larger context in which a number of parts will fit. Some masterplans are deceptively simple and others are noticeably intricate. Regardless, the work necessary to complete a masterplan is rigorous, sometimes painstaking, and often synthesizes material and information from a variety of sources. Varenhorst responds to the uniqueness of each project with these masterplanning tools:

Project team formation: Varenhorst has led masterplanning projects for commercial mixed used developments, urban waterfront projects, hospitality projects, residential developments, and city district plans. We have tried-and-trusted relationships with outstanding consultants in virtually all areas of specialty. Under our direction, this team can frame all important questions and then provide tailored services. Of course, the most important participant in this team is our client.

Critical path analysis: Varenhorst works to establish a time-, space-, and capital-dependent pathway that solves emerging needs, all while cognizant of possible changes in need and financial capability in the future. The presence of a completed strategic plan is often invaluable in determining critical path. The analysis is based on a determined and methodical “if-then” logic to determine outcome.

Urban massing / design studies: We work closely with our clients to develop building massing, vehicular flow, pedestrian and material flow, view corridors, sustainability and landscaping solutions, zoning and building code reviews and proposals for amendments or variances where beneficial. We alternate between a high-level view and a close-up view to confirm applicability at all scales. These studies facilitate business viability modeling, promote municipal relationship development, and provide a context for community involvement.

Ideation: As we do in strategic planning, we develop examples of how something might be done well, with beauty, and with conceptual clarity to illustrate and illuminate the masterplan.

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