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Strategic Planning / Feasibility Study

Strategy is about optimizing the chances of a successful outcome, and a strategic plan seeks to outline a precise conceptual roadmap. This may mean creating the best conditions for return on investment, creatively pulling together simple parts into a successful whole, or eliminating the unnecessary to achieve the best end. We structure a process through which clarity is reached from a complex or confusing starting place. Strategic planning is not masterplanning, but the necessary step before attempting a masterplan. Varenhorst's experience in developing successful strategic plans will guide our clients through processes such as:

Interactive strategy session: To establish the highest order goals, existing internal relationships, capital deployment expectations, and other parameters of a project, Varenhorst facilitates a group session of senior stakeholders. Often highly interactive, the meeting is tackled with wall charts of pre-prepared subject categories and movable concept flags. This process can carry through similar working groups, with the ultimate goal of filtering and compiling the complex components of the project and reporting suggested options for the path forward to the senior stakeholders. This “distilled wisdom” about a project is difficult to achieve efficiently by other means.

Feasibility study: Once the fundamental idea of a strategic plan has solidified, we research and analyze all the supporting information to establish its chances of success. In some projects, this involves space analysis and construction cost estimation. In others, it questions practicality in the light of available resources, legal constraints, regulatory compliance, and commercial viability. A feasibility study can involve comparative case studies or “benchmarking” against other projects.

Ideation: In this process, more tangible ideas begin to emerge. We develop examples of how something might be done well, with beauty, and with conceptual clarity to illustrate and illuminate the strategy. The product of this creative process is unique to Varenhorst's experience, flair, and creativity.

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